Kaan Tamtürk
Civil Engineer
Technical Office Manager


Actually, construction business is easy and simple. You should do the best quality work as soon as possible and earn money. When you set up this equation correctly, you can progress quickly in your business. However, you should explain this to the employer correctly and have their support.

There are a few main principles of this equation. The most important one among these is professional ethics. That’s why civil engineering faculties have Engineering Ethics classes. Those who do business with uncivilized rules can ignore some points where there is no control in order to earn money. Moreover, in the situations that the employer cannot detect anything even if they do the controls, the construction stands with these ethical values.

That is what brings Siska to the forefronts; it is doing everything without breaking the ethical rules in any way. Even if the employer does not control it, it completely fulfills the requirements of the project and engineering.

If you are an employer, why would you want to work with Siska? Maybe it will be a classic answer, but we get new business by satisfying the customers that we work for. Our old customers recommend us to our new customers. It is because we do their work well, right and we deliver it on time.

Especially, works such as restoration, reinforcement and re-functioning of old buildings are very difficult and they require a lot of expertise. For this reason, the site process should be well managed and the problems should be resolved correctly. The factor in Siska’s success is the very special business association it has made with its employer. This gives the employer confidence and confidence is reflected in the work positively.

Sometimes it may not be enough to stay in the right place when doing business, you can make mistakes. However, it is important to understand and correct the error. Instead of covering the error to make more money, we prefer to share it with the customer fix it without fighting and win in the long run. We are definitely not leaving deficient or wrong job behind us. Today, this understanding lies under Siska’s capacity to do business under the supervision of international organizations.

It is Siska’s company character that has developed this positive understanding. As a person working on different projects in different companies for many years, I can say that working in Siska is far beyond everyday business concepts. Relations here are close and warm as a family relationship rather than a colleague. When someone has a problem, everyone takes care of that person. People feel comfortable.

This environment reflects on work positively. That is why we embrace the work more and work as if it is our own business. Construction work is already tense, but things work better when everyone is happy.