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Our Executive Team


Sinan Kasımoğlu
Chairman of the Board

Pınar Kasımoğlu
Executive Board Member

Esin Eştürk
Restoration and Transformation Projects Supervisor

Emre Susam
Project Manager

Kaan Tamtürk
Civil Engineer
Technical Office Manager

Mahmut Hoşafçı
Civil Engineer
Project Manager

Ekrem Taştanoğlu
Head of Purchasing and Administrative Affairs

Sedat Arat
Head of Accounting and Financial Affairs

Tuğba Güzelkaya
Head of Human Resources

What did they say about us?


Success requires a culture rather than constructing a building

Murat Şanal

Trust is the foundation between the architect and the practitioner.

Emir Uras

Restoration and refunctioning

Han Tümertekin
M. Architect

On restoration

Dr. Sinan Genim

Tarlabaşı Renovation Project

Hasan Kıvırcık

Historical structures from past to today

Ali Emrah Ünlü
M. Architect


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