Salt Beyoğlu Siska Restoration

Hasan Kıvırcık


Hence the 16th century countries had embassies from the foreign lands. That was when Levantines and the executives of the embassies settled in Beyoğlu. Tarlabaşı was then founded as the residential area for the house and office employees of those. The architecture of the buildings in this area is like a small copy of the ones on Istiklal Avenue. It is the humble, little residential area of the ones with limited income who can’t compete with them.

The area became a temporary living region in time, most part of it was abandoned and it became a lifeless place with many negatives and impossibilities.

The project included in Tarlabaşı Urban Transformation applications, was planned with months of atelier work of a science council composed of historians, art historians, architects, restorators. In the project, the historical buildings with the aspects of the time period are protected according to the regulations of the Preservation Board.

It is important to transform the registered buildings to a useful comfortable location organization, as it is done in the entire world today. The project has an innovating understanding of using-preserving balance and supports this with newly interpreted building surfaces and plans.

In the region of 9 blocks the demolishing is first done in 360, 385, 386. blocks. Siska carries out the job to raise and sustain the registered buildings in the region with its experience in the restoration and renovation. It has been chose for it is a trustable firm with experience about Beyoğlu buildings.