Sinan Kasımoğlu
Siska AŞ
Chairman of the Board


Since the time we took our first steps in the construction sector, validated by our work of forty years, we have been the defender of a determined attitude. Our goal was to leave lasting values for the future. Since the beginning, our aim has been to complete diverse projects on time with high quality without being limited by norms, without being repetitive and by constantly improving and reinventing ourselves. 

Building is a family tradition. I took over the flag from my grandfather and father who had been involved in different parts of the industry. In forty years, we have focused on realizing distinguished projects of well-known architects. We built a wide range of structures from residences to factory buildings, from hospitals to hotels and historical buildings. With our hard work and effort, we have been acknowledged as “the quality contractor of quality projects.” Whether we create a space for commercial use or build a home, we have adopted the idea of “making a difference”. We know that buildings are an important part of quality life. The structures we have built, with their design and application technique, represent this forty-year life period. This fact has always motivated us and guided us in our work.

From our architects to our engineers, from our technicians and foremen to our driver, all members of Siska are doing their jobs with the purpose of being happy. We love projects that make us happy. Architecture and engineering is a part of our everyday life. We take joy in every project we undertake as if we are building it for ourselves. 

While working in the sector with this passion, we have also become a defender of its deeply rooted culture. The crucial master and apprentice relationship was recognized and brought to life as the basic doctrine of profession and life in Siska. I think this is the essence of architecture and engineering and Siska has proved itself as an institute reflecting this culture for 40 years. 

We have always believed and trusted that our young friends who come after us will be even more successful than we are. For this, we have worked hard through the years and today new generations take on important roles in every level of Siska. We are proud and pleased by this.

All that we have produced in the last forty years has been achieved by the effort and care of all our employees. The belief and the trust of our valued employers have brought the Siska Family to today. Rising on this strong foundation and the experience of forty years, we are now looking at the future in a more powerful way.