Mahmut Hoşafçı
Civil Engineer
Project Manager

We Enjoy What We Do


In business life we often see companies acting on the sole incentive of profit, I have been working at Siska for the last eight years and our motivation for doing the work is the pleasure we get from it. When you ask the question “How do we make a building better?” you find the answers that satisfy the employer, the employees as well as your company. This is what makes Siska different.

I feel lucky to be working at Siska. We have a philosophy here; the term customer satisfaction also covers the employees. Since we spend most of our time at work, the company acknowledges that employees must be happy at work.

When we hire young engineers and architects this is the first philosophy we try to teach. Even more so than hiring experienced staff, Siska puts an effort in educating idealist new graduates and passes on this vision when training them in the profession.

What is asked of me at Siska is to finish a project quickly and with high quality. Quality comes first because we know the projects that we are handed over are the dreams of their architects and inventors. We have received positive feedback from most of our employers for finishing projects earlier than planned and with high customer satisfaction. We have not disappointed our employers.

Siska also has a reputation for excelling in projects with difficult locations and challenging circumstances. We have accomplished tough projects, in historic city center districts such as Beyoğlu, Karaköy and Fatih. Our success in these projects have enables us to be one of the first and preferred names that come to mind for similar projects.