Emre Susam
Project Manager


My relationship with Siska started with my job application in 2006 when I was a senior student in Architecture.  Because I had one course left to graduate, my job application was rejected. I was told to finish my studies and come back. In early 2007, the following Monday after my graduation, I started working for the company and I have been with Siska since that day.

From the first moment that I joined the firm, I have been considered and supported as a member of the Siska Family. The company culture that values the personal development of the employees, does not abstain from giving them responsibility and focuses on solutions and results have helped me gain confidence and develop both in my professional and private life.

Thanks to this family spirit, rarely found in professional businesses, I have overcome my duties and responsibilities with the help of my teammates in difficult projects.

Siska is an experienced building industry company that performs many different design projects in many areas. It uses architectural and engineering knowledge and technology required by modern understanding. In this way, it finalizes the works it undertakes in time and in accordance with its projects and gains the employer’s trust.

Being an application firm in the construction sector in our country unfortunately does not depend on certain standards. In the sector where the number of companies is too high, the conditions are challenging, quality, continuity and reliability are the most important factors in focus.

During 12 years of my professional life, we have achieved high productivity with innovative, creative and practical solutions we have developed on Siska sites. It was teamwork and I learned a lot from my teammates and employers in many project sites where I worked as the project manager. In this context Siska has been a school for me and my friends.

There is no place at the company for those who have lost their professional enthusiasm. Now, when I look back I can say that the strength that has made us successful is actually professional passion and desire to succeed.