Vosgeperan Han at the entrance of İstiklal Caddesi in Taksim Square is a second grade historical building. There was no information about the construction year of the building. However, the Hovhan Vosgeperan Church adjacent to the building could be identified from the Pervititch maps with the same name.  Hence, it is considered that it may be in the similar sequence of dates.

As an immediate precaution, since the existing structural system of the building is severely damaged, 3 facades of the building was suspended with steel profiles before the inner walls are removed. A reinforced concrete elevator and a staircase were constructed on the fourth facade to protect the outer walls. One more basement was built using the well foundation method. The floor of the building was reinforced with a reinforced concrete curtain of 65 cm width, 4 meters deep.

After these productions, all the inner walls were removed and two basement floors were constructed with reinforced concrete. The ground floor is made up of 4 normal floors and roof columns with steel columns and beams. Inside of the outer walls of the structure, steel mats were fixed with anchors, supported with steel columns and beams, and sprayed concrete was applied on them. The old and the new system work together in a healthy way.

Employer: GAPA Gayrimenkul A.Ş.
Location: Beyoğlu İstanbul
Year: 2017-2018
Area: 2404 m2
Architect: Artemel Mimarlık
Proje Manager: Kaan Tamtürk
Site Chief: Onur Taştan