In an historical city map dated 1905, the building is recorded to be the property of Siniosoglu family and the Yeard back to around 1876. All the main features and the ornaments reflecting the period of the second grade historical building are preserved. Consisting of two blocks, the building was reinforced with 600 tons of steel. In the A block, penmanship works on the ceilings were preserved and restored; decayed vault slabs were repaired. In Block B, all the cladding and wall coverings were demolished, steel construction was sheeted and topping concrete was applied. All exterior walls of building were repaired according to their original.

Employer: Garanti Bankası A.Ş
Location: Beyoğlu
Architect: Han Tümertekin
Year: 2011
Area: 5,000 m²
Project Manager: Esin Eştürk
Site Chief: Yusuf Hamdanoğulları