Sometimes Hotel is a new project designed regarding its surrounding area, historical texture and architectural aspects of the region. 

Our aim with Siska is to make the building in harmony with its surroundings, creating the feeling that this structure was already present in this condition. Also we wanted it to stand out, when it is completed, just like a restored historical building purified from a dusty past. 

We wanted to emphasize the forgotten jamb work, especially the esthetics in the balcony parapets that we see around Beyoğlu, by using modern day technologies and equipment. 

Sometimes Hotel has 7 floors and 14 rooms. It has been designed by a functionality and modernity that will suit the high pace of the city. The interior design is meant for the calm, unified equipment and handiwork of the old buildings, which are being forgotten slowly, to stand out.  

Esra Güray
Master Architect

Esra Kazmirci
Interior Architect