Çinili Han the architect of the building built for the Dersaadet Dock and Warehouse Company Osmaniyesi in Karaköy Kemankeş Caddesi in 1910 is unknown. It has a rectangular plan. This building has a ground, a mezzanine and three normal floors. The building had been used for many years by the Istanbul Customs Office and the Customs Smuggling Department.

Priority has been given to the continuation of its contribution to the surrounding area, which is an important component of the historic environment that it is in, and the continuation and promotion of the value of this region within the Istanbul skyline. Being restored to function as part of a hotel, Çinili Han will participate in the city life and it will no longer be a single-use building within the scope of this project.

The exterior shape of the first 4 floors, height and width, original construction elements, coverings, entrance gates, components of the structural system, the materials and details are all primarily protected. The main preservation elements of the interior architecture are the entrance hall with the original volume of the original staircase.

Employer: Salıpazarı Limanı İşletmeciliği A.Ş.
Location: Karaköy İstanbul
Area: 5649.91 m2
Year: 2018-2020
Architect: Nokta Planlama Mimarlık
Proje Manager: Emre Susam
Site Chief: Selin Birgül Geçer-Sedat Esen