Baran Apartment which is one of the notable civil architecture works of the Beyoğlu Tepebaşı area is complete with facade ornamentations, marble, wooden and iron building elements.

The building is to be used as an architectural office has a beautiful marble staircase, artwork railings, original masonry stone walls and wood doors which were reproduced or restored as per the originals.

The building facade was cleaned and integrated without deteriorating the originality, and the high-tech electrical and mechanical systems were added to the building without harming the historical structure.

Employer: Suyabatmaz-Demirel Mimarlık-Şarık Tara
Location: Beyoğlu İstanbul
Year: 2017
Area: 1600 m2
Architect: Suyabatmaz-Demirel Mimarlık
Project Manager: Emre Susam
Site Chief: İlknur Demirlenk-Gökben Baykal