Taksim 360 387 18 Parcel


387/18 parcel building, which is a first-degree historical monument, consists of 6 floors: 4 normal floors, ground floor and 1 basement floor. In the project, all the Baghdad walls were demolished, the existing wooden floors, the ceiling coverings were completely dismantled. The chimney cavities were sealed and consolidated by means of refractory, integral and suture. The body walls, which were found to be disjointed, were combined with special details. Since the loft walls lost their original characteristics, the interior was reinforced with double rows of collapsed brick walls, some of which had been collapsed and rewired.

After the wall fabrication was completed, plaster, electrical and mechanical fittings followed. After completing the window production process in the existing walls, the walls are wrapped with high strength lime mortar of 3-way hybrid reinforcement files made of glass fiber and polypropylene added for strengthening in historical buildings.

Structural plaster was applied on the back of the building before the Khorasan plaster. On the façade, the stone works were originally reprocessed and assembled. The bell-hole blend was rebuilt with brick and reinforced with steel profiles. The original cistern, which is filled with rubble inside the building, was cleaned.

Employer: GAP İnşaat A.Ş.
Location: Tarlabaşı Beyoğlu İstanbul
Year: 2016-2018
Area: 485 m2
Architect: Mehmet Alper Tures Mimarlık
Project Manager: Esin Eştürk, Emre Susam
Site Chief: Can Doğan
Field Chief: Sinan Türk