SM House which is to function as a residence in Ayvacık, Canakkale is in complete harmony with the village where it is located. The land is separated from the road by a voluminous stone wall. This wall establishes the physical and visual balance between the house and its location. A steel structure repeated at 160cm intervals extends linearly. The curtain walls which are in the form of slices emphasize the volume of the house and that it is single storey. The building which is physically and visually permeable, has been designed to be closed, semi-open and open. The building has a steel construction base with stone covering applications. All rough and fine construction works were completed as a turnkey.

Employer: Murat Öztürk
Location: Assos Çanakkale
Architect: Han Tümertekin
Year: 2006
Area: 400 m²
Site Chief: Hüseyin Ülker