Siska Silivri Houses 11 villas were built on 11 parcels, 5,000m2 each for the holiday housing project developed by Siska. The two swimming pools have artesian water reservoirs and there are generators to meet the needs of the site. 5000 pines and 1500 fruit trees were planted in the surrounding agricultural land. The 5000 m2 area is planted with Merlot and Cabernet type vineyards. Within the scope of the project 1,500m stabilized road, 3,000 meters electricity grid, 4,000 drinking water lines were built and irrigation system was installed.

Employer: Siska A.Ş.
Location: Silivri İstanbul
Architect: Siska AŞ
Year: 2001
Area: 62,000 m²
Site Chief: Ali Ülker