Republic of Turkey Ulan Bator Embassy, Residences and Consular Service Building construction was a part of a Ministry of External Affairs initiate to build and renovate  Turkish Embassy buildings in strategic locations. The embassy building, which represents Turkish architecture abroad, draws attention as a design that combines traditional and modern features. Materials used in the project are all produced in Turkey and transported to the site. The building functions as the residence and official welcoming building of the Turkish Ambassador. The project also has great importance in terms of the construction being done under very difficult climatic and geographical conditions. Within the scope of the project, all of the rough and fine construction works, electrical and mechanical works have been completed as turnkey.

Employer: TC Dışişleri Bakanlığı
Location: Ulan Bator Mogolistan
Architect: Han Tümertekin
Year: 2011-2013
Area: 3,500 m²
Project Manager: Esin Eştürk
Site Chief: Yusuf Hamdanoğulları