Beylerbeyi Gashouse built by the French in 1862 to serve the Beylerbeyi Palace, and then the neighborhood of Kuzguncuk in the subsequent years, is one of the first industrial structures in Turkey. The facility was left unused with transition to electricity in 1940 and was refunctioned a social facility.

Due to the fact that the gashouse structures were largely destroyed, a careful restoration project was carried out on the original foundation within the scope of the project. Standing walls were preserved as they were, and existing walls were repaired with stone workmanship.

New materials and techniques were used to ensure that the subsequent sections can be separated from the original structure. The gasometer towers were kept with the original shape and joined with modern technology steel and glass walls in order to display both the old and the new and serve as a time capsule.

Employer: Mülkiyeliler Birliği
Location: Kuzguncuk İstanbul
Architect: Gökhan Avcıoğlu
Year: 2001
Area: 1,500 m²
Site Chief: Taylan Can