The historic buildings in Beyoğlu dating back to 1850s are known to be a nursing home aided by nuns. Later on they have been refunctioned to serve the housing needs of foreign embassies in close proximity to the area and have taken their place in the historical tale of the city.

It is known that there were one many wooden buildings on the slope overlooking the Bosphorus. These wooden structures, which had disappeared in the time of the great fires, left their place to stone buildings.

Two of the three buildings are wooden brick and stone, and the other is wooden as in the examples of Beyoglu’s original apartment architecture. Although the wooden structure has not survived to date there are many sources that document the details of the exterior and interior of the building.

The restitution project for the wooden building of the Tomtom houses was drawn after careful historic researched and designed with modern engineering standards. The three buildings have been redesigned for housing purposes similar to before.

Tomtom Houses, as in the past, are planned to contribute to the social-cultural life of the families who love Beyoğlu. In this sense, the historical city center Beyoğlu, which has received an increased demand for residential use in recent years, is also returning to its previous day and night neighborhood function.

Location: Beyoğlu İstanbul
Area: 2750 m2
Project Manager: Mahmut Hoşafcı
Site Chief: Bekir Değirmencioğlu-Onur Taştan