Karaköy Passenger Hall, known as the first modern sea passenger-welcoming center in Turkey was built in the mid the 20th century. The construction started around 1937and lasted until July 1940. The architectural project was made by Prof. Dr. Rebil Gorbon, which won the first place prize in the competition. 

The project has a rectangular, symmetrical, and central arrangement. The building placed on the seaside rises on the filled sea area that was built on bored piles. On the reinforced concrete building, in the center of the facade that faces the street, the iconic clock tower is placed. This clock tower is considered the element that gives the characteristic qualities to this structure. Additional to this tower, there are two other towers placed, however, the other towers are smaller in size compared to the main clock tower. 

This structure was taken down except the clock tower however under the Galataport Project, it was fully restored based on the original project created in mid the 20th century. The strengthening and rough construction of the structure have been completed by Siska İnşaat.