Süngü Apartment building on the Italian Hill in Cihangir is named after the street it occupies and consists of 2 offices, 21 apartments, each having access to the fitness center. The entrance was built with an inviting look, decorated with furniture made from oak roots, fragmented size mirrors, glass film, Istanbul silhouette and hidden lights. In the apartments, massive bamboo parquet floors, Italian Spagnol outdoor kitchen products, Siemens built-in appliances were used. The building was fitted with aluminum doors and automatic roller blinds with stunning sea views.  On the façade, massive Iroko sliding shutters were used which reflect the warmth of the street.

Employer: Galata A.Ş.
Location: Beyoğlu İstanbul
Architect: Cem Yücel-Cem Kocacıkıoğlu
Area: 6.200 m²
Year: 2006
Site Chief: Esin Eştürk