Babylon Headquarters complete rough and fine works for the administrative building Pozitif, a leading culture and arts organization company have been completed. The upper floors of the building which are designed as upper management units have been interconnected by a composite steel system to the Babylon music lounge on the lower floor.

Babylon music club has a special place in the development ofAsmalımescit in the 1990s. The building includes the administration offices of the Pozitif company. It has a sensitive relationship with the outer world. the Babylon lounge on the entrance floor gives its visitors and the employees of Pozitif an opportunity to listen to music while dining all day long, with its refined aspects in indoor design.

The same place hosts live performances, in integration with Babylon, with changing lighting designs. On the first floor private events or meetings can be held in the multipurpose area, the other four floors include the offices of Pozitif.

Flexible areas in cohesion with Pozitif’s dynamic structure are created by using new lighting designs and equipment without making drastic changes in the rough texture of both Babylon and Babylon lounge.

Employer: Pozitif A.Ş.
Location: Beyoğlu İstanbul
Architect: Aydan Volkan-Kreatif Mimarlık
Area: 700 m2
Year: 2007
Site Chief: Seda Bingül