Pınar Kasımoğlu
Executive Board Member


40 years is a significant amount of time in the lives of corporations as well as individuals. It is extremely gratifying to have left behind such an accomplished past and at the same time still feel the energy and the excitement felt on the first day of work. While conducting our projects with the utmost ambition and professionalism we have succeeded in keeping our inquisitive, passionate, amateur spirit and created a sincere, trustworthy family atmosphere. These qualities enabled us to succeed in a widely populated, prevalent industry and made Siska an out of the ordinary construction company.

When you are constructing a building, if you aim to satisfy more than just architectural and engineering necessities, you establish a special connection. This gives you excitement and enthusiasm. Then it becomes something more than love of profession but also a sense of corporate belonging voiced by the resulting structures.

We have completed numerous new modern-day structures in several cities and countries. We started by understanding the visions and dreams of the architect; giving the buildings the value and attention they deserve and providing our clients with high quality results. While doing so, we have adhered to strong business ethics, rules of health and safety as well as environmental sensitivities.

Siska has established a specialty expertise in construction projects undertaken in the historical and cultural face of the world heritage city Istanbul. We are the sought-out firm for the restoration, renovation and regeneration projects in the Beyoğlu, Sirkeci, Karaköy, Bosphorous areas. We take pride in realizing to extend the lives of these historical and valuable structures. We take inspiration from these buildings that take the cultural legacy of the past into the future.

The term sustainability, commonly used in architectural literature and more increasingly mentioned in result of the current alarming situation our world is in, is not only an environmental or a trendy notion. It is also deeply rooted in the concept of continuity which has a vital place in all aspects of our lives. It is also a part of Siska’s culture from the projects we are involved in to our corporate policies, from our employee and employer relations to material selections.

As a fourth generation representative of Kasimoglu Family, continuing the profession of family elders, it is my belief that life is not a sprint. If we take sturdy steps with the awareness of the places we have travelled trough we will always be further ahead. Our young, dynamic and creative team will work tirelessly to take Siska’s vision to the future and continue to build with passion.