Doç. Dr. Mehmet Alper

Accurate and careful application

In architectural projects that we have been producing for years, protection issues have always come into view as a whole. This accumulation has given me the identity of a protectionist architect.

Our projects can be summarized under the following headings: Carrying the registered cultural assets to the future by keeping them in a single building scale; building a new structure in the old city centers, in the historical neighborhood in the old neighborhood relation; carrying out excavation in the “urban archeology” parcels in the old cultural layers of İstanbul, repairing the findings with archaeological restoration techniques; producing protection projects in renovation areas; producing conservation-use projects of industrial heritage buildings and building groups; making new and modern architectural constructions by developing traditional construction techniques in new projects and constructions…

In some of these projects we have produced, our roads with Siska company have crossed, we have developed and implemented some projects together. Some of them have been in Tarlabaşı renovation area. The buildings in Tarlabaşı 362, 387 parcels were the first group cultural assets whose protection group was at the top level. Although most of them were standing, they had important structural problems.

Another project we have done with the Siska company is Bahçıvan Han in Sirkeci. This project we have prepared with the slogan “new in old” has been a successful example of building new structures in historic surroundings. In this structure, traditional building materials were successfully applied by interpreting with modern techniques.

Another project is the project of the Higher School of Foreign Languages of Kadir Has University in the Cibali Renewal Area. This project, which was designed as the renovation of 1020 island, “Urban Archaeological Cistern” was preserved and a new building was built on history.

Throughout these efforts, Siska has correctly and carefully implemented the right projects, has successfully completed the work with the technical staff consisting of young people.